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    Check out my new magnetic leather loop band


      So we all know the band on the ZTE Quartz can leave a little bit to be desired. It's not the most comfortable, best fitting, or best looking it just kinda gets the job done. Thankfully the Quartz uses a standard 22mm watch band, making it easy to replace. I just got my replacement band in yesterday from Amazon and I was so excited to swap it out.




      I went with magnetic leather loop band because I really love leather and magnets make everything cooler. This band offers a unique style I've not seen in most others by offering leather with magnets. It is obviously a direct copy cat of one of the Apple Watch bands and I'm totally ok with that. Thanks to this design getting the proper fit is much easier. There were a variety of colors to choose from and I struggled deciding between black and blue. In the end, I went with the blue because I thought it matched the accents on the watch well.




      Mine shipped from China and surprisingly only took about 10 days to arrive. It also came with some extra pins and a removal tool. Not really necessary because of the quick release pins found on both bands, but still a nice bonus none the less. Unfortunately, the Amazon page now shows that it is unavailable, but if you want to pick one up they are available from eBay. My friend who originally found this band ordered from eBay and got it in around the same time frame as I got mine from Amazon.