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    Let's Talk About Another Amazing Product!!! Halo3 on Spro2



           I want to get a discussion going about the Spro2, some of you may be familiar with it, while others may be hearing the name for the first time. The Spro2 is not just a projector, it is not just for cellular services, and it is not your average android device. It is however an amazing projector, that can project  movies, games, presentations, and anything else you throw at, at a 720p resolution,( I personally have used it to watch a movie at 220in and it was beautiful, and angry birds was fun too.)

           The Spro2 is a full tablet, with a 5in touch screen, which means you can project anything from netflix, your cable tv app, games. Also it has 16GB built in, plus an SD expansion slot. USB and HDMI ports.I use it daily, and have even used it as a tool for tutoring, instead of printing off endless copies of reading material.

            OK, so now I want to hear from you guys, do you have a Spro2, or want one? Tell me in the comments how you would use this awesome device, and you just may win a coupon for $100 off your purchase of the WIFI only version (must be  purchased through zteusa.com)


      Also just a heads up, Trivia this week will be Themed for Spro2,  Friday Night @8pm Eastern stay tuned to the trivia thread for some upcoming announcements!