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    Axon 7 customer service review


      Hello everyone  I wanted to share my experience with  ZTE  customer service  dealing  with my defective axon 7.  About a month and a week ago I ordered  the axon 7 from Best Buy  like every one else, I was super excited  for the life of me I could not stop checking  the order to see when it will be delivered.  When it was finally  sent it took two days to get to me via UPS.  On day one I opened  it up set it up (super easy)  and started testing it out all worked  well until  I had to make a call.  I notice the person  on the other  end could not hear me...  Slick upset I search  the internet  and found this site. I went through  the site and found a form with common issues. A member  of this site gave me the V. I.P phone number. I called and was placed  on hold for about 4 min.  Then a rep took me off hold and ask me for all my basic  info I gave it.  Next she proceeded to ask me what problems  I was having  I told her about my mic and the various  test I had ran.  She was very  polite  and even gave a few suggestions to see if any of them would "jump start" the mic.  Sadly  none of them work. She gave me the option  to return  and get a full refund or send it in to get  fixed.  In the back of my mind I'm like this is a brand new device  this should not be  happening.   I paused because  I could feel myself  getting  angry. In that moment  she apologized  and explained  how the pass port 2.0 work and assured  me that it was a really good  choice if I really  like the  phone. So I opted  for repair. She sent me an email  with a link and I followed  it.  Their I received  my RMA number and instructions  on how to send it back to them.  Cost me ten dollars. The quoted time it would take to repair  was ten days.  Wasn't  happy about that  but I really like this phone.  To my surprise  it only took 5 and instead  of fixing it  I received  a new one.  ZTE kept  me informed  the entire  process. By far  one of the best customer service  I have used in a long time