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    Problems with formatting SD card as internal


      Zmax Pro owner here.


      So, there's a couple problems I've had while trying to format my SD card as internal.


      1- After formatting, I cannot access the SD card at all to add music, or anything like that. All I can do is move apps to it, or migrate data (which causes more problems). Using file manager, the SD card simply doesn't show up.


      2- If I migrate the data from phone internal to SD card, now I'll have the same problems I mentioned above, but with the phone's internal storage itself. I lose access to it in File Manager or any other apps.


      3- After migrating data from the internal to the SD, all of my media apps will no longer scan and recognize all of the audio and video files on the SD. The only way to access those files is with file manager, 1 at a time (which naturally, is a pain in the *** compared to the media apps ability to just play  the next song/video). Apart of this problem also is that I can't set any custom ringtones

      either because it's another app that ignores the SD card


      4- If I migrate the data BACK to the phones internal memory, I'm still stuck with the same problems and even though all of my data is now on the internal memory, File Manager  still only shows the SD card which makes no sense.


      When the SD is formatted as a portable, my media apps are easily able to find any music or videos in the SD card, or the internal, I'm also able to access both easily from a PC or file manager, but I lose the ability to move apps to it.


      Is this normal? Is this an issue with this phone or did android actually design it this way?

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          hugostiglitz_88 since you last posted were you able to use your SD card as adoptable storage?

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            I have been following this Amazon discussion in which the reviewer recommends formatting SD cards on computer first. I'd be interested in what the tech experts here have to say about it. Thanks.


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              Well the reason why you cant seem to fibd the SD card as its own stand alone after formatting it,  is because when you format it to be used as the phones storage the phone formats it so that its no longer recognized by anything as an external SD anymore.  It formats the SD card to become part of the phone internal memory.  It tells you that on the screen that pops up right before you confirm that you want the phone to format it. And in order to be able to see it if you connect your phone to a pc via data usb cable you first need to enable the "Developer Options" hidden menu within the settings that way you can have the option to set the protocol the phone system should follow when the usb charger/ data cable is plugged into and connecting to a PC. You would want to set it on MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)  which will let you transfer music, image, and video files to and from your formatted SD card in the phone and your music player apps should be able to read the files on there just fine still. Send me a message if you need help finding the DV Menu. ***DISCLAIMER: IF YOU KNOW HOW OR FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN PLEASE BE AWARE THAT BY YOU TOUCHING OR CHANGING ANY OF THE OPTIONS IN THAT MENU YOU ARE DOING SO AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THAT YOU COULD SERIOUSLY DO HARM TO THE PHONES INTERNAL HARDWARE AND ITS FUNCTIONALITY.  I RECOMMEND THAT UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND KNOW WHAT/HOW THE OPTIONS AND THEIR ALTERNATIVES ACTUALLY DO/THEY ARE GOING TO EFFECT YOUR PHONES BEHAVIOR,  THAT YOU REFRAIN FROM PLAYING WITH THE OPTIONS TOO MUCH IF AT ALL.  I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO OR ANY TYPE OF MALFUNCTIONING OR LOSS OF INFORMATION STORED WITH IN THE PHONE  AND/OR SD CARD, THAT MAY RESULT FROM YOUR CHOOSING TO CHANGE ANY OF THESE SETTINGS IN THIS MENU. ***