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    Axon 7 Bluetooth - No track info (Metadata) or track advance?


      Hello all,

      New Axon 7 user here, just a few days with the phone.  Today I finally connected the Axon 7 to my 2013 VW CC factory stereo via Bluetooth -- and I'm really let down by the lack of Metadata.  With my previous phone (2015 Motorola Moto X Pure - XT1575), I had full Metadata (track info) on the factory VW stereo, and also was able to FF/REW tracks using the stereo/steering wheel controls.


      I posted about this over on the Reddit Axon 7 sub-Reddit, and was directed over to this forum.  Here's a link to that Reddit post:




      I did do a search here on the forum prior to posting, and also saw others complaining about this same issue.  So I'm posting just to let my voice be heard on my disappointment over this, and to see if the folks at ZTE have a Fix in the works on this since it is a known issue?

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