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    [Instructions] LineageOS 14.1


      1. Make sure you're using the appropriate Nougat bootstack with an unlocked bootloader, IF you aren't in Nougat update - A2017U_Bootstack & Modem Files  -.   -Failure to do so will not allow flashing the ROM, due to safety flags! -

           1.1 Download A2017X_B15_Universal_Bootloader.zip & A2017U_N_Modem.zip

      2. Update recovery; Recommended  [Recovery] Official TWRP for the ZTE Axon 7 | ZTE Axon 7

      3. Factory reset - if coming from another ROM.-

      4. Install ROM.

      5. Install GApps (optionally) - Recommended ->  Open GApps (arm64) (7.1) 2017-02-01 or Newer -



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