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    A phone for entertainment but not serious business work


      I am bitterly disappointed in the Azon 7 64 MB that I purchased from Best Buy in Dec 2017. When I purchased this, I actually sold off my Iphone 6 plus since I read many reviews which made it seem that this is a smartphone that would equal, if not beat , the major smattphones on productivity and efficiency. Now I have realized that this phone is not suitable for busy professionals who need a smartphone for conducting business. Reasons -

      1. Unlike the iphone and Galaxy 8, the company contact list is not accessible when you create the company email account in the Axon 7 (exchange). I have tried this many times and when I have spoken to Axon service desk for help, the response is that "it is because your company does not have any contacts in its list "!!! Ha ha ha - for 10000 employee company when I am able to see the entire contact list on laptop. Then I am told "well sir, all phones are not made the same, our phone is made differently". It is also not possible to export the contact list from comany directory to phone SIM or phone SD card.
      2. Secondly, several times the exchange calendar does not syncronize between phone and laptop - random behavior with some meetings appearing and some not - and ZTE service tech or website support has no response.
      3. The other major issue is the mic switching off when I am holding the phone to my ear so that the person at the other end cannot hear me - this has become so much of a nuisance that I have to use speaker for everything. Which is tough if you want to do a business conversation in a public place like airport etc. I understand from ZTE support sites that this is a known proximity issue. \

      I understand now that "you pay for what you get" Sad - I thought ZTE had truly innovated in coming out with an economical smartphone - but it was just trying to cut corners and you pay for what you get !!