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    Are you willing to spend $500 + for the next phone?


      2016 was a great year for phones that have premium specs for a mid range price. Phone such as OnePlus 3 Alcatel Idol 4S, Huawei Honor 8 and of course ZTE's Axon 7, even Apple dipped it's toes in the $400 premium market with the Iphone SE. These phones offers features that you typically only see on high end flagship phones for 400 or less. It was definitely a time to be in the market for a new phone with such a selection of phones that offers much value.


      Now in 2017, these same phone manufactures are back at it and most likely will release a sequel to these phones. OnePlus is expected to release the OnePlus 5 with an SD 835, dual cameras, water and dust proof, pretty much everything that you see in todays flagships, but there is one problem; most likely it will not be 400 and under. Granted, it will still be cheaper than your Samsungs, but at the rumored 500 price point, it can put those who anticipated the next OP phone out of their price range.


      ZTE, I'm sure, will be releasing the next Axon phone sometime soon. People in other discussions have expressed wanting SD835 some water proofing with the FF speakers, dual cameras and the like but what if all of these features caused the price of the Axon to go up in the 500 dollar range? Would you still be interested to buy it? Also if you wanted them top keep the 400 dollar price but had to take a feature away to do it, what feature would you want them to take away?