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    Watch Face Wednesday 06/14/2017


      It's that time again, hump day, the week is halfway over and more importantly it's watch face Wednesday. This week I'm using a custom face for the WatchMaker app. WatchMaker is a fantastic app and was one of the first to offer the ability to make and share custom faces. The one downside is the high cost of the app. I bought it on sale back when it first launched and it was cheaper back then. There is a free version but it lacks support for adding third party faces like this one. The upside is after you buy it you literally have access to thousands of different watch faces.




      The one I chose this week is called Rerotate and it is a custom version of a face found on the Moto 360 watches. I actually had the original Moto 360 but I like this version better than the one bundled in because it's customized. One of the great things about WatchMaker is the option to customize watch faces, or if you are so inclined to create your own. You might have noticed mine looks different from the link. That's because I wanted to change the colors to blue so it matches my new watch band.