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    Switched to T-Mobile on both of my Axon 7's, but I'm having connectivity issues.


      Has anyone switched from Straight talk AT&T, or actual AT&T, to T-Mobile and had issues with it connecting to an AT&T network over a T-Mobile Network?  Or any connection issues with T-Mobile in general.  Long story short, I switched to T-Mobile, new sims, and for some reason it connects to an AT&T network by default, and says roaming, automatically, but if I walk into my basement, or anywhere else where I typically loose reception for AT&T, and then it switches to T-Mobile. If I move back to where reception is better, it switches back to AT&T.  If I select a network operator manually, it will stay on T-Mobile, but if I restart the phone, it defaults to automatic, and will be stuck on AT&T again.  I can’t select the T-Mobile network provider while connected to AT&T, as that will result in no service.  I first need to get it to connect to a T-Mobile network, then select the operator, but sometimes that is just not possible.


      I have two Axon 7’s and both are doing the exact same thing.  Per T-Mobile, they said they don’t have the Axon 7 listed as an approved device, but specs wise, it should have no issues.  When I have the network provider set, I have great signal, but if I select choose automatically, then it connects to AT&T, and shows roaming. The only reason I switched, was to get better reception in areas, where I typically loose it, and ironically, those are now the only areas that I can get reliable service.  It is almost like the phone has bad sim data suck in the memory, so I did a factory reset, which didn’t help.  T-Mobile is looking into it on their side, and I called ZTE customer support and they said it would be a carrier issue.  I’m at a loss.  Running stock uprooted Mifavor on both, but one of them is still on B19, as I feel battery life an reception is better, but that is another story.